Ohio Time Machine Rental

Ohio Time Machine Rental “The Experience” is one a one-of-a-kind family experience only found in Heath, Ohio!

Ohio Time Machine Rental is a family owed business that will allow guests to get up close to the DeLorean Time Machine in a replica of the Hill Valley movie set from the beloved film trilogy Back to the Future.  Guests will have the opportunity to walk the set, see the DeLorean Time Machine, and sit in the driver’s seat for pictures and video. 

Local artists created several nostalgic murals inside the experience space that will make you feel like you are Back In Time.

The Ohio Time Machine Rental DeLorean Experience will be open July, 12-7pm and July 12-6pm in the space across from Apex Fitness Center and near Massey’s Pizza.

Ohio Time Machine Rental offers a variety of packages which can be found here