Pet Photos with Bunny

We invite you and your four-legged friends to Indian Mound Mall for photos with The Bunny during our purrr-fect evening reserved just for them!

All pets must be on a leash, in a pet carrier, or held by owner at all times, in accordance with the Indian Mound Mall policy. The Bunny's set staff, mall management and security has the discretion to turn away any animal that does not fit the guidelines listed above, or any animal that appears to be aggressive toward people or other animals.
Code of Conduct, pets must be taken directly to and from The Bunny Set. Aggressive or dangerous animals are not permitted. Domestic animals only. No wolves or wolf-dogs hybrids will be allowed. No wild animals (examples: lions, tigers, bears, raccoons, snakes, etc.), farm animals (examples: calves, lambs, baby goats, etc.), snakes or lizards over 6 ft. in length, and no venomous animals will be allowed on property. Pet owners will be responsible for immediately cleaning up any "messes“. All animals must be current on all vaccinations.

Please use the doors at the AMC entrance!